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IGT Companion Tool – Operationalizing the Voluntary Principles Through the Lens of Protecting and Respecting the Unique Needs and Rights of Women and Other Disadvantaged Groups


Languages available: English

Source: The Voluntary Principles Initiative

The IGT Companion Tool serves as an additional resource document to the existing Implementation Guidance Tools (IGT) developed by the Initiative in 2011. Used widely since its creation, the IGT was developed to provide guidance to companies seeking to ensure their security operations are undertaken in a manner that ensures respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms. However, since the IGT was developed in 2011, there has been growing recognition that some groups are often at a heightened risk of experiencing security-related human rights violations due to their sex, gender identity, age, ethnicity, religion, or other factors. These groups, such as women, children, and Indigenous Peoples, may suffer greater impacts and face additional barriers to accessing the mechanisms meant to address human rights violations. In response to such recognition, the VPI oversaw the IGT Companion Tool to focus on the implementation of the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights in the context of protecting the rights of disadvantaged groups, including in conflict-affected settings.  

The IGT Companion Tool equips organizations with a number of important concepts and steps to better identify and respond to potential risks and negative impacts that their security operations may have on women and other disadvantaged groups, along with practical tools, informative case studies, examples and links to additional resources.   

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