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Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights — Implementation Guidance Tools


Languages available: English, Spanish


The Implementation Guidance Tools are non-prescriptive and provide a range of different tools on which companies may draw, according to their individual needs and circumstances. While VPs participants have been closely involved in the development of the tools, they have not be formally approved by them, since it is designed as a guidance and is the result of co-operation between several organizations.

While it has been designed with the extractive sector in mind, companies in other sectors may also find them a useful guide when operating in difficult environments. The tools serve as a helpful reference guide to any company seeking to ensure that its operations are undertaken in a manner that ensures respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms.

The tools have been divided into four modules according to their main uses: stakeholder engagement, risk assessment, public security providers and private security providers. The first module, Stakeholder Engagement, provides steps to establish the foundation for the successful implementation of the other modules. However, each module can also be used independently as stand-alone toolkits for specific purposes. Recognising that the tools provided in the IGT are not designed to cover every conceivable situation in which the VPs could be applied, they are designed to help companies to implement the VPs in a variety of circumstances.

The modules and tools in the IGT are guidance only – they are designed to facilitate and enhance sound judgement and decision-making, not replace it. The IGT is not designed to be prescriptive or formulaic.

Toolkits and Guidance documents
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