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Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights Training Course


Languages available: English, Spanish

Source: Voluntary Principles Initiative

Course Objective

At the end of this course, company and private security personnel, as well as public security personnel (forces), will have knowledge and understanding of how to conduct their daily tasks in compliance with the VPSHR and with the company’s policies regarding human rights and ethical conduct. Specifically, participants will be able to demonstrate professional proficiency with regard to the use of force, or other coercive measures, in accordance with human rights standards and ethical conduct.

Intended Audience

Company security personnel, select supervisors, as well as private and public security providers (forces) supporting the company’s security operations at global projects/operations sites.

The material includes:

  • Course Overview and Objectives
  • Glossary
  • Module 1: Human Rights Framework for Global Operations and Security Practices
    • What are Human Rights (HR)
    • HR in Times of Civil Emergency and Armed Conflict
    • HR in the Extractive Industry
    • Monitoring and Reporting on Allegations and Violations of HR


  • Module 2: Human Rights and Ethics
    • What is Ethics
    • Steps for Ethical Decision-Making
    • Codes of Conduct (COC)
    • Dealing with Misconduct and Unethical Behaviour
    • Individual Exercise: Violations of COC and HR


  • Module 3: Roles and Responsibilities of Security Personnel
    • Guidelines and Framework for Security Personnel
    • Roles and Responsibilities of Security Personnel
    • A Gender Approach to Security
    • Dealing with Vulnerable Groups


  • Module 4: Use of Force from a Human Rights Perspective
    • What is the Use of Force (UOF
    • Steps for the UOF
    • Guidelines on the UOF
    • Guidelines on the Use of Force and Firearms (UOFF) by Security Personnel (Forces)
    • Reporting on the UOF
    • Applying the Principles of the UOF
  • Facilitator’s Guides and Materials
  • Appendices
Toolkits and Guidance documents
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