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Understanding the Unique Situation of Human Rights Defenders in Africa


Languages available: English

Source: LITE-Africa

The report aims to provide empirical evidence to demonstrate the unique challenges of human rights defenders related to extractive and agri-business in order to support the development of practical guidance to help members and non-members of the VPI address the gaps in the VPSHR specific to the protection of human rights defenders. The information provided in this report aims to be beneficial to members, and non-members of the VPI, extractive and agri-business companies, human rights defenders, CSOs and other critical stakeholders interested in deciding on next steps in promoting business and protection of human rights defenders.

The report presents an overview of the situation of human rights defenders in Africa, and findings in terms of gaps towards protection of human rights defenders, as well as recommendations.

Findings and insights from this report were also incorporated into the Guidance on Respecting the Rights of Human Rights Defenders.

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