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Toolkit and Guidance for Preventing and Managing Land and Natural Resources Conflict


Languages available: English

Source: UN Interagency Framework for Preventative Action

Table of Contents

Executive Summary


Extractive Industries and Conflict

Intervention Framework

Conflict Prevention Strategies

Additional Resources



Table Contained in this Guidance Note Include:

Table 1:  Scale and nature of potential conflicts

Table 2:  Actors and their roles in strategic conflict prevention


Case Studies Contained in this Guidance Note Include:

Case Study 1:  Civil War in Bougainville

Case Study 2:  Cumulative impact of inadequate engagement

Case Study 3:  Conflict with security forces in Cajamarca, Peru

Case Study 4:  Timber revenues fuelled the conflict in Liberia

Case Study 5:  Nexen in Yemen:  working in partnership with local communities

Case Study 6:  Understanding Botswana’s success

Case Study 7:  Research findings and case studies from The Resource Endowment


Case Study 8:  Private sector initiatives in Tanzania

Case Study 9:  Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and the IFC Performance

Standards on Indigenous People

Case Study 10: The Chaco wilderness and pipeline development

Case Study 11:  São Tomé and Príncipe


Toolkits and Guidance documents
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