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The Rise in Conflict Associated with Mining Operations: What Lies Beneath?


Languages available: English

Source: CIRDI

This project was comprised of two phases. The phase-one study was based on three main components including a literature review, a compilation and analysis of existing global conflict incident databases (2012-2013) and field investigations of four case studies in Latin America and Africa. The literature review and conflict incident database analysis provided an opportunity to analyze the topic from a broad, high-level perspective, involving a relatively large number of incidents. The on-site, field-based investigations allowed for a deeper, more penetrating analysis based on a carefully selected sampling of existing and recent conflict cases.

Building on the findings of phase one, phase two included:

  • An academic literature review focusing on the role of government in conflict;
  • A broader database analysis (2002-2013) focusing on the relationship between institutional quality conflict and the ownership characteristics of mining companies;
  • A field case study focused on Ghana.
Reports and Studies
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