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Report of the National Baseline Assessment: Promoting Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights in Nigeria


Languages available: English

Sources: LITE-Africa, DCAF

The report aims to provide empirical evidence to demonstrate the current status of implementation of the VPs in Nigeria, and support the strengthening of human rights practices in business environment in the country by pointing out gaps where improvement is merited.

The information provided in this report aims to be beneficial to members of the Nigerian Working Groups of the VPs, the Nigerian government, extractive and agriculture companies, CSOs, and other critical stakeholders interested in order to decide on next steps in promoting business and human rights in Nigeria. It should prove of value for other current and future VPs in-country working groups, as it shows how empirical evidence can be collected on the status of implementation of the VPs and define priorities that should be the focus of further measures and activities. It should also be used as a comparative resource when measuring progress in VPs implementation in Nigeria at a later stage.

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