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Children’s Rights and the Mining Sector


Languages available: English

Source: UNICEF

Following the release of the Children’s Rights and Business Principles (the Principles) in 2012, UNICEF has worked to raise awareness of children and youth as key stakeholders of business and has engaged in activities to better understand how the Principles should be applied in different sectors. In support of these goals in the mining sector, part of the UNICEF Extractive Pilot 2014 was designed to encourage and facilitate the integration of children’s rights into companies’ human rights due diligence processes. The project aimed to:
• Identify and analyse ways in which mining sector activity impacts upon children’s rights.
• Understand how companies in the mining sector are managing their impacts on children.
• Develop UNICEF’s expertise and experience to engage extractive companies on children’s rights.
• Provide recommendations to the mining sector on the improved identification and management of their impacts on children’s rights.
• Provide recommendations on how UNICEF can best and most strategically engage with the mining sector on the issues that affect children.

Reports and Studies
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