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 10 Steps to Maintain Security in Compliance with Human Rights


Languages available: English, Portuguese, French, Spanish

Source: Voluntary Principles Initiative

This tool, developed by the Voluntary Principles Initiative (VPI), was designed to support companies and security professionals in starting their efforts to establish a meaningful security and human rights program that includes implementing the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights (VPSHR) by following 10 steps. The tool, also known as “VPs101”, was developed by VPI Members and includes a checklist of key tasks and supporting resources to achieve successful implementation on the ground.

The tool was designed to help companies establish a meaningful security and human rights program that is aligned to the business strategy and to identify and manage security and human rights risks that could negatively impact key stakeholders and business operations. It also promotes a security environment where companies and public and private security providers work together to address challenging situations with a high potential for human rights abuse. Ultimately, the new resource is an important first step for those starting on the path of implementation of the VPSHR, offering “101 guidance” for those interested in conducting security operations in a manner that respects human rights, and includes suggested resources for more detailed guidance on a variety of topics.

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