VPI 2024 Annual Plenary Welcomes New Members

May 30, 2024 •

The 2024 Annual Plenary Meeting of the Voluntary Principles Initiative (VPI), took place in Washington, D.C. area, United States. For four days, representatives from companies, governments, and civil society gathered to share experiences, learn, and discuss ways to reduce the risks of human rights violations and abuse in security operations. Attendees from 21 countries from across the globe participated in workshops and training sessions, meetings, panel discussions and social engagements — a program designed to foster opportunities for development and making connections. 

As part of the agenda, new Full and Engaged Members were voted in by Members of the Initiative. A record number of organizations were accepted this year representing all pillars, including seven Engaged Members and three Full Members. The government of the United States will continue, for a second year, as the Chair of the VPI.  The VPI would like to thank the Government of United States for its hard work and dedication to the Initiative.

New Members Join the VPI

Among the new participants, the VPI welcomed a new government to the Initiative: the Government of Mozambique became the third African country to become part of the VPI as an Engaged Member. Mozambique’s natural resources include relevant deposits of gas, coal, and gems. At the same time, mineral and energy production are challenged by ongoing violence in the country. Before being approved as Full Members, Engaged Members must fulfill certain requirements, which includes demonstrating their efforts to implement or support the implementation of the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights (VPSHR). In the case of new governments, such requirements include the development of a National Action Plan detailing steps to promote security and human rights, particularly relating to the extractive sector.  

The VPI also proudly welcomes the following new Members:

Full Corporate Members

  • Alcoa
  • Fortescue
  • Pan American Silver

Engaged Members

  • Gran Tierra Energy (Corporate)
  • African Law Foundation (NGO)
  • Human Rights and Forest Brain Africa – HURIFBA (NGO)
  • Motherhen Development Foundation – MDF (NGO)
  • SaferGlobe (NGO)
Mr. Robert S. Gilchrist, Senior Bureau Official, from the US Department of State, welcomed participants on behalf of the VPI Chair 

From left to right – Salil Tripadhi (IHRB); Isabel Miranda (Ipieca); Pablo Urrutia (Chairman of the CME); Louis Maréchal (OECD); and Joel Bisina (LITE-Africa) 

His Excellency Alfredo Nuvunga, Ambassador of Mozambique to the United States, addressed the attendees after his country became an Engaged Member of the VPI 

From left to right – Bennett Freeman (Freeman & Associates); Danya Greenfield (Freedom House); Alyson Finley (Government of the United States); Diego Perez-Claramunt (Gran Tierra); and Alfred Brownell (Green Advocates) 

About the Voluntary Principles 

The Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights are an internationally recognized set of principles that guide companies on how to conduct their security operations while ensuring respect for human rights. To promote implementation of the Principles, the Voluntary Principles Initiative (VPI) was created. The Initiative is comprised of over 75 Members and Observers, including companies, governments, and non-governmental organizations, that share best practices and mutually support the implementation of the Principles.  

For more information, visit www.voluntaryprinciples.org.

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