Voluntary Principles Initiative Launches Strategic Evaluation

May 2, 2022 •

The Voluntary Principles Initiative (VPI) is delighted to announce the launch of a formal Strategic Evaluation of the VPI. This important work will include an evaluation of strategic objectives and will help shape the future of the Initiative.

The Strategic Review Process is being led by a Commission of highly respected and leading members or former members of the VPI or broader business and human rights community, representative of a diversity of perspectives, who are well-regarded by Governments, Companies and Civil Society.  The six Commissioners appointed by the VPI Steering Committee are as follows:

  • Anita Ramasastry
  • Jonathan Drimmer
  • Yadaira Orsini
  • Anton Mifsud Bonnici
  • J.J Messner de Latour
  • Luz Stella Páez

The Commissioners have engaged a consulting team to conduct member and non-member surveys and interviews, gather data and develop a report with recommendations, all to be performed under the oversight of the Commission. Pursuant to a public Request for Proposal process, the Commission unanimously selected Avanzar LLC, to support the Strategic Review.

The Strategic Review is expected to include recommendations on the following topics, among others:

  • Strategic Objectives: A consideration of the VPI’s strategic objectives for the next 5-10 years, including issues related to expansion of membership and growth beyond the extractive sector.  
  • Member satisfaction
  • Non-member perspectives
  • Governance, including accountability, decision-making, management issues

About the Voluntary Principles

The Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights are an internationally recognized set of principles that guide companies on how to conduct their security operations while ensuring respect for human rights.

To promote implementation of the Principles, the Voluntary Principles Initiative (VPI) was created. The Initiative is comprised of over 55 members including companies, governments, and non-governmental organizations that share best practices and mutually support the implementation of the Principles. 

Contact the VPI Secretariat at info@voluntaryprinciples.org.

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