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NGOs and The Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights

Participation in the Voluntary Principles Initiative provides non-governmental organizations with the opportunity to promote respect for human rights within the context of security provision in the extractive sector. Member organizations engage with companies and governments to promote adherence to and implementation of the Voluntary Principles through the development of strong corporate policies, practices and procedures. Affected populations are of paramount concern to NGOs who are best-placed to foster dialogue and collaboration between multiple stakeholders — including, most importantly, local communities — to ensure the successful implementation of the Voluntary Principles from the site level to the national level.

NGO Participants

  • CDA Collaborative Learning Projects
  • Coginta
  • The Fund for Peace
  • Human Rights Watch
  • International Alert
  • LITE-Africa
  • New Nigeria Foundation
  • Pact
  • Partners Network
  • PAX
  • Search for Common Ground

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